Scala Biopromise Shapewear Review for Effective Cellulite Reduction

Scala Biopromise Shapewear Review

scala-shapewear-modelScala Biopromise Shapewear is the only brand in the market proven to reduce the appearance of unsightly fat deposits while it is worn, but also after it is taken off for up to 4-8 months, without any changes to diet or lifestyle whatsoever. This is done by increasing the metabolism of fat deposits and reducing cellulite in the areas which bother most women, namely the waist, buttocks and thighs.

There are no seams to irritate your skin – you’re not even aware that it is on! The fabric itself is extremely long-lasting. The effects of the bio-ceramic crystals still remain after many washes, since the crystals are intricately and securely woven into the fabric.

How does it work?

Bio-ceramic crystals are woven into the threads in the Shapewear. These crystals do not touch the skin at all and are not perceptible to human touch, merely feeling like thickened knitting. Bioceramic crystals give out far infrared light in the electromagnetic spectrum, invisible to the naked eye.

The infrared light stimulates the release of nitrous oxide, causing vasodilation and an increase in lymphatic drainage. Vasodilation increases the oxygen supplied to cells, increasing catabolism within cells. As a result, fewer unused nutrients such as glucose, fatty acids and amino acids remain, thus less triglycerides are deposited into the adipose tissue via fatty acid and triglyceride synthesis. On the other hand, the increase in the flow of lymphatic fluid and blood causes waste products and metabolites to be transported away from the cells and eliminated via the urinary tract or other processes more efficiently.

A lower accumulation of metabolites causes reduced cellulite formation, and therefore less saggy, more youthful-looking skin.

University Study

A study conducted by UNIVAP University in 2009 investigated the effects of bio-ceramic crystals on the dimensional change in the body parts exposed to the underwear with crystals woven into. The group of 50 women aged 20-60 years were split into 2 groups: with and without bio-ceramics. The participants wore the undergarment for at least 8 hours a day and did not change their diet or lifestyle habits. The baseline measurements of waist, hip and thigh width were compared with the results after 30 and 60 days.

After 30 days, the 2-tailed t-test showed that the group with bio-ceramics had a statistically significant loss in weight and dimension compared with the control group. Of which, there was a larger decrease in regions which tended to accumulate fat, whereas the decrease was negligible in regions that did not tend to accumulate fat. All the participants in the bio-ceramic group showed a decrease in dimension of at least one site. Similar decreasing trends in dimension and weight were observed after 60 days, although there was a lower magnitude of change. After 120 days, there was a decrease in the magnitude of weight and dimension change, linearly correlated to the BMI of the participants.

Tissue densitometry analysis via X-rays found that there was a decrease in overall adipose tissue mass throughout the body, even in areas not directly exposed to the bioceramic undergarment, suggesting a possible systemic effect of the undergarment.


There are 2 main objectives of wearing the Promise Shapewear and Leggings:

  1. It slims and tones your waistline by diminishing cellulite deposits while helping you shed pounds.
  2. It fits snugly around your body, hiding unsightly excess skin and fat, for a better figure.

Also, it gives you more confidence to stand tall and proud of the wonderful figure you have always dreamed of.

High-Waisted Bermudas

This undergarment integrates bio-ceramics into its fabric, scientifically proven to reduce cellulite deposits. It extends from the navel to the buttocks and thighs, giving the appearance of a firm tummy while slimming your waistline internally at the same time.

Slimming Leggings

This extends from the navel to the mid-shin region, slimming and firming up your buttocks and thighs.

Opaque Tights

These tights are only two times the thickness of ordinary tights, with better results. You can wear clothes over them due to the lack of resistance when in contact with other clothes.

Low-Waisted Slimming Bermudas

It extends from the navel to just above the knees, slimming and firming up the thighs and buttocks, as well as the navel.

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