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There are many body brushes for cellulite, but the Sublime Beauty Skin brush is my first choice.

The bristles are made from 100% non-synthetic boar hair, preventing the development of possible allergies and irritation. The bristles are medium strength, causing less abrasion compared to hard brushes while exerting more force than soft brushes. Its wooden base has a smooth finish, with no sharp edges to irritate or injure your delicate hands. The designers have gone the extra mile by designing a handle that is not firm to the touch, allowing greater comfort during use. Catering to frequent travelers, users need not worry about discontinuing their anti-cellulite routine while away from home. The cellulite brush is easy to fold up into a size that easily fits into your suitcase. The brush also comes with a handy pouch to store and prevent damage to the brush while travelling.

Cellulite Brush Benefits

Regular use of the brush gets rid of cellulite, reducing the circumference of cellulite-prone areas. One need not worry about excess skin; the cellulite brush firms up and tones the skin as cellulite is eliminated. This improves the look and feel of your skin if brushed every day. Besides that, the cellulite brush confers the additional benefit of delaying or even reversing the ageing process of the skin, allowing the skin to remain youthful and firm. It works by removing dead skin cells physically and increasing the removal of excess cellular waste via the circulatory and lymphatic system. This imparts the skin with a more youthful and radiant glow. It is suitable for all ages, even young women. Even young celebrities use it as they wish to avoid the effects of ageing later in life.

How it works

The cellulite brush increases vascular flow and lymphatic drainage, thus stimulating fat catabolism within adipose tissue. The increase in lymphatic drainage also removes excess metabolites and fluid. It also removes excess dead skin cells which cannot be eliminated by normal showering. It is helpful for all skin types. Brush on skin that is completely dry, without any lotion or cream. Move the brush towards the center of the area, exerting a moderate amount of force without causing pain.

Benefits for women using cellulite cream

Although the body brush for cellulite is designed to be used on bare, completely dry skin and not with any creams or lotions, the brushing does increase the absorption of the cellulite cream applied subsequently. This increases the effectiveness of the cellulite cream, allowing it to penetrate into a deeper portion of the skin, enhancing its cellulite-reducing properties.




  1. The skin felt as soft as baby’s skin, even after only a few days of use.
  2. The brush evens out irregularities in the skin.
  3. Brushing rejuvenates the skin and the entire body.
  4. One user felt that the brushing perked her up in the morning thus incorporated it into her daily morning routine.
  5. Dry brushing allows creams to be absorbed into the skin faster and more efficiently, though it should not be used with lotions.
  6. The improvement in the skin quality and softness allows users to get a closer shave.

Results for specific conditions

  1. One user noted that the brushing eliminated her lower limb edema, which she used to experience at the end of every day.
  2. One user used it to reduce the keratosis pilaris on her arms that had not responded to other treatments.
  3. A few users used dry brushing to improve their dry skin and help cope with the dryness, especially during the winter.
  4. One user said that it was effective in reducing varicose veins.
  5. Another said that it relieved the itch of mosquito bites.

Material and ease of use

  1. It is not too big or small for the hands. The inclusion of a strap is like the icing on top of a cake, giving the user an alternative way of holding the brush firmly and continuously.
  2. It is of a convenient size for travelling.
  3. The travel pouch offers a convenient way to keep the brush clean and hygienic.
  4. The medium strength bristles are effective to give a good massage yet it does not cause abrasion and pain to the skin unlike hard bristles.
  5. The bristles are durable and value for money as they do not fall out easily. On the whole, several users praised the product for being value for money for its good quality.

A fuss-free addition to beauty regimes

  1. A good product to use when starting dry brushing.
  2. Some users look forward to their daily brushing as it makes them feel good, releasing endorphins.
  3. It is so easy and convenient to use that it is not a troublesome addition to women’s beauty regimes.


  1. Have to get used to using the brush regularly, after which, using it becomes a breeze.
  2. No visible effects on cellulite in the short run, but it was effective in improving the quality of the skin.
  3. The hand strap is too rigid and not very useful.
  4. Without a handle, it can be difficult to reach certain areas at times. Nevertheless, it is still a good size for travelling.
  5. One user felt that it was too small, thus she couldn’t use the brush effectively to reach certain areas.
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