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One of the most effective natural cures for cellulite comes from the enzyme found in pineapple called Bromelain.

Bromelain is found in all parts of the fruit but most notably the stem.

The problem with eating too much pineapple is the subsequent spike in insulin levels which will actually store fat and make you tired after you crash.

This is the exact opposite of why we are looking at this solution for cellulite.

So how do you get the following benefits of bromelain?

  • Powerful anti-inflammatory for connective tissue

  • Improvement of circulation

  • Slows breakdown of collagen

  • Increases fat cell metabolism

One needs to look at bromelain as the cellulite pills of choice. The tablets or capsules allow you to get all of the benefits of pineapple and celulite, without the added fat gains.

Bromelain weight loss is possible with the right diet and bromelain dosage of 500mg. This is the dose recommended on the very popular Dr. Oz show recently.

I also recommend a targeted exercise routine for your trouble areas and to drink a gallon of water per day.

You might ask “Where can I buy Bromelain for Cellulite?” I recommend Amazon and NOW Foods.

This is the top seller on Amazon and gets tons of positive reviews:

  • NOW is a trusted major brand with a huge product line

  • great value from a reliable supplier

  • digestion benefits

  • cellulite improvement with massage

  • strong arthritis and pain reliever

  • bromelain and cellulite—-a must have supplement!