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Firm First Cellulite Therapy by Bianca FerosiCellulite is a problem most women could do without and with so many options for getting rid of those problematic dimples and bumps, it is confusing to know which options work and which ones are a waste of time—and money.

You could spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on fancy medical treatments that have no guarantees of working and, if they do, will most likely need to be done on a regular basis costing even more money.

For this reason, cellulite creams have become a popular and affordable treatment option for getting rid of cellulite or, at the least, diminishing the appearance of it. Firm First Cellulite Therapy by Bianca Ferosi is one such product.

The Proof is in the Ingredients

Firm First Cellulite Therapy by Bianca Ferosi is the low-priced answer to your cellulite treatment questions. What makes this highly popular cream so great? Let’s start with its proprietary blend of forty-five powerful ingredients including gotu kola, geranium, dandelion, horsetail plant and comfrey—all of which are organic.

From there, pink grapefruit essential oil, sweet almond oil, cinnamon, green tea, caffeine and palm oil round out some of the other potent ingredients. More familiar ingredients include jojoba oil, shea butter, grapeseed and the ever-important mix of Vitamins E, A and B5.

So what makes this blend so effective in minimizing cellulite? Many of these ingredients like the cinnamon, pink grapefruit, almond oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and gotu kola have been used for a very long time to make skin smooth and silky. Celebrities are known for using products with these ingredients to keep themselves looking their very best.

But aside from making your skin look younger and smoother, the caffeine will help tone your skin while the essential vitamins will keep it healthy.

The Simplicity is in its Use

Unlike other creams or treatments that may require some long and involved process, all you need to do with Firm First Cellulite Therapy by Bianca Ferosi is apply it to the affected area twice a day—once in the morning and once in the evening. Just be sure to massage it thoroughly into your skin. If you use the product diligently, those unsightly bumps and dimples will go away in just a few weeks’ time.

What Real Users Think About Firm First Cellulite Therapy by Bianca Ferosi

If you are a bit skeptical about whether or not this product really works, look no further than in the reviews by customers who have used it and keep using it. Customers overwhelmingly applaud the products pleasantly sweet smell and how much better their skin looks overall in terms of its smoothness and healthy glow. Many also commented that it was not greasy and easy to apply. Other positive reviews were:

  • The ingredients are great
  • Noticed a difference in just a week
  • A little goes a long way
  • Reduced cellulite on the stomach and thighs
  • Moisturizes the skin very well

Understandably, there are always going to be customers who are not completely satisfied. Although some admitted that they did not use the product as consistently as they should have resulting in no difference in the way their cellulite looked, some of the other less than positive reviews included:

  • The bottle was too small and the cream ran out quickly
  • Did not notice much of a difference
  • Price was too high for the size of the bottle

The Verdict

A four-ounce bottle of Firm First Cellulite Therapy by Bianca Ferosi costs $29.95. For some that may seem like a lot, but if you are a woman who is tired of trying to hide or camouflage cellulite, that is a very small price to pay for years of frustration. At the least, your skin will look smoother and be well hydrated—two huge effects that instantly reduce the appearance of cellulite.

And because you do not need a lot to get the job done, you are looking at a one-month supply of cream in just one bottle. That comes to just a dollar a day and is certainly worth the price.