Fabric Quality
User rating
Pros: Easy to put on, comfortable enough for everyday use, snug fit gives nice structure to thighs, hips, and buttocks; can be machine washed.
Cons: Causes a little too much perspiration, material has strong neoprene smell that doesn't go away quickly, difficult to dry after washing.

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How the Product Works

delfin spa anti-cellulite shortsThe Delfin Spa Anti-cellulite Shorts contain bio-ceramic crystals, which emit Far Infrared Rays, at the same time bouncing back FIRs emitted by your own body, harnessing the power of body heat normally lost to the surroundings.

The greater warmth generated increases the metabolism of body cells. This increases blood flow to the area to remove toxic metabolites more easily, promotes sweating and energy consumption during exercise, as well as reduce the fat deposits within fatty tissue, reducing the appearance of cellulite.


The Delfin Spa Anti-cellulite Shorts are made of neoprene of a thickness of 1.5mm with bio-ceramic crystals woven into the fabric. Beneath the neoprene layer is a layer of comfortable nylon or lycra. The stretchy waistband helps to secure the shorts – no zips to irritate sensitive areas!

The seams are specially designed to fit in positions that are less likely to rub against and irritate the skin. Side pockets to contain your phone allow greater convenience during exercise. The opening of the legs can be modified with Velcro fasteners, allowing better adaptation against your skin and less irritation due to gaping fabric.

The snug fit allows users to not only wear it while working out, but also subtly under your everyday clothes to eliminate cellulite and reduce the circumference of cellulite-prone areas such as hips, thighs and buttocks, without anybody knowing! Undergarments can be worn beneath the shorts as the shorts will remain as effective.

The fabric is easy to care for. Simply wash the shorts in lukewarm or cool water and laundry soap by hand and hang dry.


Comfort/Ease of use

  1. They are easy to put on.
  2. The shorts do not cause discomfort.
  3. The shorts are comfortable enough to be worn for everyday use, such as doing the housework.
  4. The snug fit of the shorts gave structure to the thighs, hips and buttocks.
  5. The shorts can be machine washed, despite the manufacturer’s instructions.


  1. The shorts give a good fit on pear-shaped users, as it has a narrow waistline yet ample give to the fabric in the thighs and buttocks.
  2. The shorts could fit as capris instead on more petite users. Also, XS gave a very good fit on several petite users.

Use during exercise

  1. The tight fit of the shorts allows it to be worn underneath clothes such as yoga pants.
  2. The shorts carry away and soak the sweat up efficiently, thus it does not soak through everyday clothes.
  3. Many users have applauded the shorts for increasing perspiration and heat generation, especially during exercise, thus increasing the efficiency and calorie consumption during exercise. It does help to reduce the fluid accumulation in the areas covered, smoothening irregularities out.
  4. The shorts provide warmth, which can be useful when working out in cool environments.


  1. The skin became more supple after wearing the shorts.
  2. The shorts reduce the flabbiness of thighs.
  3. Many users have noted that they have reduced the circumference of cellulite-prone areas, especially the thighs. This allowed some users to fit into tighter clothes such as jeans more easily.
  4. The shorts can be worn on its own without any outerwear, for yoga and exercise.
  5. Applying anti-cellulite cream can increase the cellulite and fat-busting efficiency of the shorts.
  6. The shorts can be effective for the abdominal area since it covers the lower part of that area.
  7. One user noted a loss of 4kg after wearing the shorts for a month. This was because the shorts increased her fat metabolism and made her more conscious of her diet.


  1. While walking, the shorts might give a strange swishy sound while the thighs rub against each other. However, the sound went away after about half an hour, either because the user had not taken notice of the sound anymore or the sound disappeared. Also, with the gym music, the sound will be much less noticeable.
  2. The shorts might be too warm for everyday use and causes too much perspiration.
  3. The shorts have a strange smell. However, this is a smell characteristic of neoprene. Although the fabric is ventilated before sewing, the smell might be concentrated within the package, thus it might be overwhelming at first. The smell will disappear after washing and letting it air. The smell will be completely gone after a few months.
  4. It might be inconvenient for some to handwash after every use, as opposed to machine washing.
  5. The sweat exits through the openings of the legs, which might be awkward and annoying.
  6. The shorts might be difficult to dry after washing.
  7. A few users did not see any results after using the shorts.
  8. The shorts might be too bulky under exercise pants, especially with the sweating. However, wearing the shorts under exercise pants reduce the noise made.
  9. The shorts might be too short for taller users to cover the knees, thus a capri should be ordered instead if the knee is to be covered.
  10. It might be difficult for users to put the shorts back on after going to the toilet.
  11. The shorts might make users feel dehydrated and thirsty if water intake is inadequate while wearing the shorts.
  12. The shorts might fit less snugly after several uses, so users are advised to order it in a size smaller than their regular clothing size. Even though it becomes looser, the shorts continue to reduce cellulite effectively.
  13. The neon green logo at the front of the shorts might be unsightly for some users. It can be removed by using a Sharpie to color over it.
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