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Cellulite Massager Brush Mitt


The unique proprietary handle is designed to be long-lasting, allowing you to reach areas that are otherwise difficult to reach with ease.
The distinctive rubber nubs are flexible while rigid enough to allow users to transmit the required force to target problem areas. It possesses sufficient tear strength to withstand the rigors of daily use.


Massaging is a clinically proven way to get rid of cellulite and thus reduce the dimensions of cellulite-containing areas such as the thigh and eliminate the unsightly cellulite that dampens many women’s confidence worldwide.

As with any form of massage, the stimulation of touch receptors in the skin releases stresses in the skin, rejuvenating and invigorating it, allowing its natural glow to return.

How it works

The gentle, comfortable movements of the nubs spark cellular metabolism, thus activating the breakdown of fatty tissues. It also increases circulation and lymphatic drainage, thus eliminating metabolites and fluid accumulation. This results in a reduction in unsightly excess skin and flab, reversing the passage of time thus returning the skin to a more youthful state.

When used in conjunction with good nutrition and physical activity, the Brush Mitt is effective in reducing cellulite in cellulite-prone areas such as the thighs, hips and buttocks. It is recommended that you apply some cellulite cream/oil to the area before use for extra cellulite-busting properties. It is contraindicated on dry skin without any lotion. Rub the area with gentle circular strokes, 5-15 minutes each time, 4-5 times a week. You may want to perform the massage after exercising or while you are relaxed to boost the cellulite-combating effects.

Benefits for women using cellulite cream

It is recommended that the brush mitt is used with cellulite creams or lotions. The brush mitt can massage and distribute the creams or lotions into the depths of the skin, way beyond what can be achieve with normal rubbing with the hands. This offers a synergistic approach to combating cellulite with only one simple step.




  1. Many users have noted a visible reduction in cellulite despite initial doubts, for some only after 5 uses or a month of daily use.
  2. The brush mitt evens out irregularities and depressions in cellulite-prone areas.
  3. The brush mitt tones flabby tissue.
  4. The use of the brush mitt offers a non-invasive, non-surgical yet effective method to get rid of stubborn cellulite deposits, as compared to surgery which is not even guaranteed to remove cellulite.
  5. Skin feels recharged and rejuvenated after regular massages with the brush mitt.
  6. Many users have noticed an improvement in the radiance of their skin.
  7. The brush mitt effectively massages and distributes anti-cellulite creams and lotions into the skin, enhancing anti-cellulite effects.
  8. Some users could feel the elimination of toxic metabolites after use.
  9. Some users have noted that they feel the increase in circulation after massaging with the brush.

Longevity, ease of use

  1. The brush does not spoil easily even after many uses.
  2. It is a breeze to get rid of dead skin cells, sebum and excess cream/oil, preventing it from getting dirty and grimy.
  3. Effective when used with coconut oil, cinnamon and coffee soap, Revitol, Bodi-ShapeBeverly Swiss, shower gel while showering, soap, sesame oil, jojoba oil etc.
  4. The brush is of the appropriate dimensions, making it easy to hold and use while effectively reaching areas that may otherwise be difficult to reach, plus covering large areas efficiently at the same time.

Comparison with rolling anti-cellulite brush

  1. Two users preferred this brush mitt to the rolling one as more force can be exerted during use, thus increasing its effectiveness. The movements and force of the brush mitt can also be modulated and adjusted more easily; it feels like a part of your hand. Besides that, the small rubber nubs can target smaller aggregations of cellulite better.


  1. Many users would highly recommend the product to others.


  1. Several users reported that the brush mitt did not produce visible results despite using it daily for about a month.
  2. Cannot be used without lotion/creams without causing excess friction and pain.
  3. Did not have an opening where soap can be inserted and can be released automatically without applying it onto the area beforehand.
  4. For smaller hands, the handle may be too large.
  5. When gripped too tightly, the middle opening causes pain.
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