User rating
Pros: Users see great results after only a few weeks, many are gaining new found confidence, the cream absorbs well into the skin, makes skin much firmer, some noticed they were getting tighter skin on the belly, the cream does not have a bad odor.
Cons: Some did not experience the benefit they had read others had, but were willing to give more time.

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Bodishape Cellulite & Body Firming CreamCellulite Cream with Retinol and Caffeine

Nothing gets a woman more frustrated than working hard and losing weight yet still having to deal with unsightly cellulite. The fact is that you can have cellulite regardless of whether you have weight to lose or not.

These fatty deposits usually find their way on the spots of your body that are not always easy to hide—especially in warmer weather.

So it is no surprise that skin care manufacturers have come up with a way to help you reduce the appearance of cellulite that does not cost a lot and is easy to do. Bodishape Cellulite and Body Firming Cream believe so strongly in their product that they even offer a full, money-back guarantee.

A State-of-the-Art Cellulite Cream

The makers of Bodishape Cellulite and Body Firming Cream took everything they knew about skin and cellulite from science-based research and created a product that not only attacks cellulite, but also works to improve the look and feel of your skin. How did they do this?

First, they use a triple-action blend of coenzymes, caffeine and glaucine. Coenzymes will internally combust fat. Caffeine is well-known for increasing the flow of blood in your body. It also contains theophylline which is highly effective on cellulite. Glaucine plays the important role of decreasing your body’s fat deposits. In other words—no fat, no cellulite.

As if this was not enough, the product also contains Retinol which is widely used in regular skin care products to keep skin looking young and smooth. Your skin will also look tighter and firmer which also helps in reducing the appearance of cellulite whether it is on your belly, legs or buttocks.

The only thing you need to do is rub the cream on your problem areas twice a day. It is as simple as that. And the price cannot be beat at only $29.95 for a four-ounce bottle.

What Users of the Product Have to Say

The proof of any product is in what actual users have to say about it. In the case of Bodishape Cellulite and Body Firming Cream, customers could not say enough good things about it including:

  • Seeing great results after only a few weeks
  • Gaining new found confidence
  • Absorbs well into the skin
  • Skin is much firmer
  • Getting tighter skin on the belly
  • Ordering their next jar right away
  • No bad odor

Not everyone had the same praise for the product. A few customers were not as satisfied. Their comments were:

  • No noticeable difference in their cellulite
  • The price was a bit steep
  • Medicinal smell of the cream

The Verdict

With the exception of a few dissatisfied customers, a majority of women who used Bodishape Cellulite and Body Firming Cream were pleasantly surprised by how much the product worked to reduce the appearance of their cellulite.

While some complained about the price, the truth is that this particular product costs less than many other cellulite creams not to mention significantly less than a complicated medical or laser procedure. And because the ingredients have all been clinically proven to work, it makes sense to use a cellulite cream that has research and science to support its claims.

Other creams may promise a lot, but this one actually delivers on those promises.

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